The 10 Healthiest Fruits You Need on Your Plate

Get ready to dive into the top 10 heavy hitters of the fruit world that not only taste amazing but also bring serious health perks to your well-being. From the classic sweetness of blueberries to the tropical vibes of Kiwi, these fruits are packed with essential vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. Whether you’re searching for an immune system boost or want to keep your digestion in check, these fruits are the real stars. So, grab a bowl and prepare to peel, slice, and snack your way to a healthier you with our list of the ten best fruits.

1. Avocado

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First on our list is the famous superfood avocado, for a good reason! These little guys promote healthy blood sugar levels by increasing adiponectin. Avocados were also shown to boost HDL cholesterol, the good cholesterol while decreasing LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, which ultimately helps lower the risk of various diseases. Avocados are also high in fiber, which helps in digestive health, promoting a healthy body weight. It also has oleic acid and the antioxidant lutein, which are shown to help heal wounds and promote eye health, respectively. However, one downside of avocados is the high-calorie content, at around 160 calories per avocado. So intake has to be watched carefully, especially if weight loss is a concern.

2. Blueberries

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Up next, we have one of my favorite fruits, blueberries! Blueberries have the highest concentration of antioxidants compared to any fruit, protecting your body from free radicals, which could damage your cells. Blueberries also help with muscle recovery after exercise, so feel free to snack on some before and after working out! Although blueberries have a moderate amount of sugar, they have been shown to have antidiabetic effects and can help lower blood sugar! The best part is that no notable adverse health effects are associated with blueberries!

3. Blackberries

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At 62 calories and 7g of sugar per cup, we have blackberries! Blackberries improve brain function and health, preventing memory loss. These deep purple berries are high in Vitamin C, providing 35% of your daily recommended value. Blackberries have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that fight against some bacteria that cause oral diseases. One cup of blackberries contains 8g of fiber, helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. It’s clear to see that these beautiful purple berries are packed with goodness!

4. Pomegranate

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These little ruby gems, although very small in size, are loaded with numerous health benefits and a delicious taste! Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to support health and help preserve bodily systems. Pomegranates have powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that even help prevent chronic inflammation. And for those who like to exercise, this fruit improves exercise endurance and recovery. Last, pomegranates reduce the formation of kidney stones and maintain healthy blood pressure.

5. Grapefruit

One of the lowest in calories, around 40, our next fruit is grapefruit! Grapefruit is a citrus fruit with a wonderfully sweet yet bitter taste. Besides the calorie count and unique flavor, the second highlight of this fruit is its vitamin C and vitamin A content, giving around 64% and 28% of recommended daily values, respectively. High vitamin C implies this tasty fruit promotes immune health. Grapefruit assists in the reduction of insulin resistance, meaning it can lower the risk of developing diabetes. And even better, this fruit helps protect against skin damage!

6. Kiwi

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This fuzzy egg-shaped fruit is actually a berry! Kiwi is perfect for heart health as it can manage blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, providing about 71% of the recommended daily value in one kiwi, making them great for immune health. Kiwis are also loaded with potassium, more so than bananas! Potassium is essential for your heart, kidneys, and muscles to function correctly. Add this nutritional powerhouse to your next breakfast to start your day right!

7. Pumpkin

You may think that pumpkins are just a holiday decoration, but you’re wrong; there’s more to this orange delight than you think! Pumpkins are loaded with nutrients, specifically beta-carotene, which your body turns into vitamin A. Vitamin A helps promote eye health and protects the skin from sun damage. Vitamins A, C, and E can also boost the immune system. Also, pumpkin has lutein and zeaxanthin to help maintain your eye health, fighting against vision loss.

8. Pineapple

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This golden tropical fruit is not only delicious but a fruit that can lead you to a healthier lifestyle! The high amount of manganese in pineapple can help with bone formation to keep you strong. Pineapple can help ease symptoms of arthritis due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in pineapple. Because of this, pineapples can also help post-surgery, reducing swelling, and inflammation, helping to ease discomfort. Pineapples are high in vitamin C and antioxidants, boosting immune health and helping prevent cell damage from free radicals. Try sipping pineapple juice as an easy way to get all these powerful benefits!

9. Banana

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If you don’t know what these yellow boomerang-shaped fruits are known for, it’s potassium! The potassium in the banana helps balance blood pressure and assists with kidney health. Bananas are high in vitamin B6, up to 33% of your recommended daily value. Vitamin B6 helps create red blood cells, meaning there’s more oxygen moving through the body more efficiently. Best of all, bananas are extremely affordable, convenient, and versatile! Use them as a topping for oatmeal, blend them into a smoothie, or just peel and eat!

10. Strawberries

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This red, sweet berry is the perfect summer treat! Strawberries are rich in anthocyanins, which can help maintain and improve heart health. They are a great source of antioxidants, specifically ellagic acid, which has anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties. One cup of this phenomenal berry provides over 100 percent of the daily value of vitamin C, supporting a healthy immune system. Add strawberries to your next sweet or savory recipe to boost your health!

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