10 ‘Poor People Foods’ Men Won’t Touch Now

We’ve all been there, in the land of budget eats, where culinary creativity meets financial necessity. But, once you’ve moved up in the world, there are some meals that you might never want to look at again. On a popular forum, some men discussed foods they would never eat again after having some money. So, get ready for a trip down penny-pinching memory lane and get a chuckle or two as we visit the eats that sustained us in leaner times.

1. Boiled Noodles

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“Boiled noodles with salt. That’s it,” said one individual. He added that he “didn’t know it at the time, but we were broke.” When I was younger, I enjoyed pasta without sauce because I was picky, but it would be a struggle if I had to eat that now.

2. Malt o Meal or Creme of Wheat

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Have you loved a particular food but don’t eat it now that you’re grown up? This person felt the same with Malt o Meal and Creme of Wheat; this individual said, “Not hating, just don’t care about it anymore.”

3. Box Macaroni and Cheese

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A food that one individual would never eat again is “box macaroni and cheese.” I occasionally eat macaroni and cheese at restaurants but never bought it as an adult. I remember loving it as a child, but I grew out of it. However, another individual disagreed, commenting, “I still love boxed mac and cheese.”

4. Chef Boyarde

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This one is a hot take! One individual commented, “Chef Boyarde canned pasta, most notably the beef ravioli.” However, with how many people agreed, the same amount seemed to disagree. Someone replied, “Chef Boyarde is horribly delicious. I can’t help but love it.”

5. Oatmeal

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I love oatmeal; in fact, I eat oatmeal at least five times a week! One individual disagrees and wouldn’t touch a bowl of oats with a 10-foot pole. They said they “bought a giant bag of oatmeal and only ate that and apples from the office kitchen for almost a week.” They also added later they “haven’t had oatmeal since.”

6. White Bread with Stewed Tomatoes

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Now, this is a unique answer. One individual said, “White bread mixed with stewed tomatoes, then heated in a saucepan.” Although I’ve never tasted this meal, I wouldn’t eat it for enjoyment but to survive.

7. Ramen Noodles

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This meal is what the typical broke college student eats. “Ramen noodles,” said one individual. As a broke student, ramen noodles were so cheap and easy to make, so I understand eating these at day’s end. On the other hand, as an adult with more time and money, never again.

8. White Bread Replacements

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Whether you were lazy or genuinely poor, have you ever used one ingredient to replace another? I’m not talking about olive oil vs. vegetable oil, but something more dramatic. One individual said, “White bread as hamburger buns, hotdog buns, cheesesteak rolls, and dinner rolls.” I agree; I wouldn’t continue doing this either.

9. Hot Dogs

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I agree with everything this individual said, “Hot dogs. They taste great, but I’m trying to stay a step ahead of the reaper.” Hot dogs taste great, but I haven’t had one since I learned about their health risks.

10. Off-Brand Cereal

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Do you think off-brands are worse than name brands? One person agreed, saying “off-brand cereal” is the food they will never eat again. I love any cereal, name-brand or not! Whether it be the fruity or chocolatey cereal, I’ll eat it all.

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