10 Energizing Hiking Snacks to Keep You Moving

Hiking is an excellent alternative to a boring workout. Plus, it allows you to connect with nature. However, you may feel famished after some time. So, before you pack your backpack and lace up your hiking boots, don’t forget to stash some delicious, energy-boosting snacks in your bag. In this article, we’ll introduce you to ten delicious hiking snacks that will keep you energized for any outdoor adventure.

1. Homemade Smoked Beef Jerky

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Are you tired of forking over a large sum of money for small pieces of measly beef jerky? Beef jerky is easier to make than you think, and I have a must-try recipe here for you! In short, you have to slice the meat, marinate it, and then smoke it. Although smoking takes the most time, it’s not that difficult, and it’ll be worth all the wait! This snack will give you the energy and protein to power through your hiking adventure.
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2. No Bake Chocolate Energy Bites with Dates

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Are you itching to get out and go on your next adventure but don’t have enough time to make an energy-boosting snack? These chocolate energy bites are the snack for you! These little bites perfectly replace store-bought snacks full of preservatives and added sugar. They are quick to make and include four different superfoods: dates, cashews, walnuts, and cocoa powder, providing the boost you need to finish your hike!
Get the Recipe: No Bake Chocolate Energy Bites with Dates

3. Vegan Granola Bars

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Whether it’s the start of summer, back to school, or any time of the year, this snack is perfect for a quick breakfast for the kids or a grab-on-the-go hiking snack! One of this snack’s best parts is it’s completely customizable! Feel free to add dried fruit and nuts, or try a different chocolate, like white or dark!
Get the Recipe: Vegan Granola Bars

4. Banana Bliss Balls

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If you love bananas as much as I do or have an excess amount, this is a must-try recipe: banana bliss balls! The combination of nuts and chocolate chips makes a delightful treat to satisfy your sweet tooth while giving you the energy to continue your hike. No baking is required!
Get the Recipe: Banana Bliss Balls

5. Granola with Coconut Oil

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Perfect for any time of the year, made with summer ingredients, this surprisingly easy-to-make and delicious granola is the snack you want for your longest and most gruesome hike. This is another fully customizable recipe, so feel free to add some peanut butter chips or coconut flakes!
Get the Recipe: Granola with Coconut Oil

6. Vegan Nutella Energy Bites

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Although there’s no Nutella in these vegan energy bites, they still pack a punch in hazelnut and chocolate flavor! Filled with cashews, almonds, and peanut butter, these energy bites give you the boost you need to finish the rest of your adventure.
Get the Recipe: Vegan Nutella Energy Bites

7. Dehydrated Strawberries

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Get ready for your hike with one of the summer’s tastiest fruits: dehydrated strawberries. Don’t worry about needing special equipment like a dehydrator for this recipe because you can use an oven to make these beauties. Throw these crisp and flavorful berries in your granola for a better hiking treat!
Get the Recipe: Dehydrated Strawberries

8. Chocolate Caramel Rice Krispie Treats

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Whether for your next party or hiking trip, this twist on a classic treat will be a hit. This chocolate caramel Rice Krispie recipe uses cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and salted caramel chips. These will satisfy your chocolate cravings with every crunchy mouthful. Only one bowl is required to make this no-bake treat!
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Caramel Rice Krispie Treats

9. Fruit Leather

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This fruit leather recipe is a healthy snack made from real fruit rather than the processed ingredients that the store-bought varieties have. It is a great way to use up ripe fruit and preserve all the flavor and nutrients they offer. This recipe doesn’t require you to heat up your kitchen on hot summer days as it uses a dehydrator. Your family and friends will love this on-the-go snack!
Get the Recipe: Fruit Leather

10. Grain-Free Trail Mix

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This grain-free trail mix is gluten-free, versatile, and easy to make! It’s an excellent choice to pack with you on the go. Add different dried fruits, nuts, and seeds to fit your preferences and make new flavor combinations. Dates, cashews, and sunflower seeds would be a delicious addition to make this recipe your own. Mix up your favorite ingredients, and prepare for your next hiking trip!
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