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10 Unexpected Ways Flying the Nest Changes Your Mental Health

Living independently can be expensive, so people try to avoid it for as long as possible by staying with their parents. But staying home with your folks can come with a lot of inconveniences that will only clear up the moment you get your own place. On an online platform, someone talked about their dad asking them to pay $1000 monthly since they recently started working full-time. They say that they love their parents but might have to leave them because of this. They ask for the opinion of members on the platform about whether they should stay or leave, and here are some of the responses they got.

1. Peace

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Someone tells the poster that they’ll spend more money living on their own, but their peace is worth the money they spend. Another member seconded the first, saying that they moved houses but continued to feel that gnawing sense of ‘what would my parents say’ with every decision. It wasn’t until they moved countries that they could finally make decisions without worrying about their parent’s reactions to it. It was liberating. “They are nice people, but I’d rather be making peanuts and living modestly than move back.”

2. Not Worth It

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A user advises the poster to get their own place because staying with their parents and still paying $1k every month isn’t worth it. That $1000 per month, as another user chipped in, is rent for a separate apartment, depending on where you live.

3. When Things Go South

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This user says that saving money is the main reason behind living with parents. So if the poster is not even getting that, then it’s 100% time to leave. The user says that they love their parents, but their parents drive them insane whenever they visit them. They say they need to have privacy and control over their own space, and even though their mom says they can always come back if things go south, that’d be a last resort option. They’d only do it to avoid homelessness.

4. Conversion

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Responding to the comment above, another user says that her parents are okay with her moving back if she absolutely needs to, but they both know it’ll be hell. Their rhythms don’t sync up anymore. In fact, her parents have started to convert the house into their own space. Her bedroom is now her mom’s sewing room. Her brother’s room is now the guest room, and the guest room is now her mom’s office.

5. Live by Myself

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A participant in the discussion says that even if their parents weren’t asking for money, it still wouldn’t make them move back. Their parents are just too hard to be around. They say their mental health has been so much better since they last went to see their parents. “I pay $1000 a month to live by myself.”

6. Move Out on My Own

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A parent on the platform says it makes her sad reading all the comments about how people hate living with their parents. However, the woman says some parents don’t respect their kids and their boundaries. Her son just moved back home and they agreed that she wouldn’t “parent” him while he lives with her. Personally, she’d move out, too, if her parents wanted to parent her as a full-grown adult.

7. Sad Too

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Responding to the comment above, a user says that reading the comments makes her sad, too. She moved out as a young person for the experience but moved back after a year to save more money. She didn’t regret or feel bad about moving back at all, and she had freedom as long as her bills were paid.


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A member advises the poster to leave the house As soon as possible. They say that one of their biggest regrets in life is staying with their parents for too long. They say that being on your own helps you become your own person and form your own identity.

9. Independent Adult

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Even though you love your parents so much, it doesn’t mean you should go on living with them. A user said when they came to stay with their parents after they’d moved out, things were very different. They didn’t feel as confident in themself as they did on their own. Moving out made them feel so much better and more like an independent adult. They say they needed to have their own space to be able to do whatever they wanted without worrying about how it would impact others.

10. Toxic Environment

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“I would have literally lived out of my car before moving back in to live with my parents,” one user said. “It was a toxic environment. Your mental and physical health is your top priority. If you lose that, it makes everything harder. I have lost both and had to fight to regain them, so I speak from experience. Take care of yourself.”

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