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12 Small Steps That Massively Improved Mental Health for the Better

People have been in uncomfortable situations before in life and have done things that positively improve their mental health. Some were small actions that they took without knowing that they would affect them and rapidly improve their mental state of mind.

In an online forum, a moderator asked the question, “What massively improved your mental health?”.

These are some of the responses that they got to their question.

1. Sleeping

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A commenter on the forum talked about how getting enough sleep bolstered him unexpectedly. “It’s the single most important determinant of health and almost no one seems to know or take it seriously.” Another commenter validates this claim, saying that he wished he realized sooner in his teenage years and that people severely underestimate the impact a good night’s sleep has on someone’s day, productivity, and mood in general.

2. Exercising

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It is common knowledge that regular exercise improves your body and some other aspects of our lives, such as moods, and keeps us stress-free. One commenter on the platform lamented, saying, “It sucks at how well it works. I used to hate my mom telling me that exercise could reduce my depression, but she was absolutely right. The issue is that when you’re depressed, it’s the last thing you feel like doing. But nothing else has as much of a positive effect on my mental state as regular exercise”.

3. Regulating Social Media Activity/Usage

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A user on the forum shared his experience with the changes he has seen since reducing his activities on social media in favor of reading books. The user insists that he feels so good about it, which was one of the most important decisions he ever made. Another user replied, saying, “Man, I need to read more books and be less on TikTok/Reddit. This sounds like it would improve my mental health a lot.”

4. Nature

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It is widely believed that nature plays an important role in keeping us emotionally and physically healthy. How much we think and appreciate our natural surroundings is crucial in supporting good mental health and preventing discomfort. A user on the platform confirmed this, saying, “People still overlook this simple thing, and it’s hard for many to find nature where they live. I took a trip to the mountains and had never felt more relaxed in my life. Then I moved near the water. I instantly saw my mental health improve after living in the city for many years. I think when you realize that so much is alive all around us, it makes you stop and think how small we really are “.

5. Overcoming Anxiety

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Left unattended, social anxiety can control your life. Anxieties can interfere with school, work, personal relationships, and sense of well-being. One participant in an online discussion shared his experience on his journey towards overcoming social anxiety, saying, “Realizing I was an extrovert with social anxiety rather than an introvert, and working to overcome that anxiety.”

6. Adopting a Pet

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Caring for an animal can be a form of therapy; it can bring pleasure and help boost one’s morale, optimism, and sense of responsibility. A commenter on the online forum agrees with this. “Adopting a cat,” they say, “really helped me with my loneliness, and it’s just nice to have an animal that’s always affectionate and happy to see you.”

7. Having a Personal Space

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Having enough personal space is extremely important for our mental health and emotional well-being. It also helps us stay emotionally balanced and gives us the space to process our thoughts and even improve our relationships with others. One user on the forum corroborates this, saying, “Recently moved into my first apartment alone and my mental health soared. Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t fun since the cost of living is terrible where I’m at but coming home to your own space will really boost those dopamine levels”.

8. Being Sober

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One user shared his positive outlook towards life since quitting alcohol. He also talked about how therapy and self-introspection have helped him to stay afloat. Another commenter replied saying “I’ve pushed so many people and loved ones out of my life due to my drinking. I’m still messing up every now and then, but at least my resilience on alcohol is worlds away from what it was not so long ago.”

9. Meditation

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Meditation can give you a sense of calmness and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your health in general. The practice can also help to relax and refocus your attention on something soothing. Meditation can also improve your memory and attention over time. A user on the platform also added that his therapist “prescribed” daily meditation to him and also admitted that when he first heard it, he thought that it wasn’t the brightest idea. He went on to give it a shot against his better judgment and couldn’t believe how good it turned out to be on his mental health.

10. Acquiring Education

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It is common knowledge that attending school can expand your knowledge, further your goals, improve your career path, and also help you meet new people. Being educated gives you a greater advantage as it helps boost your number of choices and gives you more control over your life. A participant in the discussion added, “Going forward in life. I felt like I wasn’t making any progress. Then I got into a school. Now I feel like I have a future ahead of me.”

11. Absence

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The adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” may be true after all. Another commenter on the platform takes a huge stance on the topic, suggesting that it’s okay to leave some people behind in order to improve our mental health and that our hearts grow fonder for the people we care about in their absence. Another commenter replied, “I love my family very much… 1,800 miles away.”

12. Vacations

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Taking a vacation provides a greater opportunity for rest and better sleep. It can improve our physical and mental health and can also help us to feel refreshed and more prepared to be focused and productive to steer our lives when we return. A user on the online platform said, “I took a 2-week trip to Japan almost five years ago. It’s just starting to wear off, and I need another one. It’s amazing what a weekend on Mount Hakone could do.”

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