10 Shocking Food Offenses Women Unite Against

Let’s spill the beans on some culinary misdemeanors that seem to unite women across the board. We all have those food-related pet peeves that make us cringe or roll our eyes. On a popular forum, women dived into food crimes that many can’t help but nod in agreement about. So, get some relatable laughs and head-shaking as we expose the unexpected gastronomic transgressions that resonate with women everywhere.

1. Instagram Pasta

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Have you ever heard of one-pot pasta? Is that even possible? You usually cook the pasta in a boiling pot of water while cooking the sauce in a different one, but those who have first-hand experience probably relate to this one individual; they said, “Instagram cooking videos where it’s supposed to be a one pot pasta and they just throw in raw onion, tomatoes/marinara sauce, uncooked pasta, some water, and basil in one oven dish and cook it.” Excuse me, but what?

2. Food Shaming

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We can all agree that we each have our preferences regarding our taste buds, but do we have the right to ridicule others for being different? One individual said, “Shaming and degrading people for eating food the way they enjoy it. Well-done steak is not disrespecting the product.” Food should be prepared the way you enjoy it. That’s the best way to respect any product.

3. People Wasting Food

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Growing up, I was told that I had to finish my plate before I left the table. I agree it is terrible to waste food; however, you shouldn’t force yourself to eat more than you can. People can take that to the extreme; a food crime that one individual contributed was “those super wasteful food videos where a guy will scream and dump 10 gallons of melted ice cream over a tiny little bowl.” We all know it’s for kids and views, but please don’t waste food, and help people who need it.

4. Food Drowning

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I love cheese a lot. If available, I will add parmesan cheese to most pasta dishes, but there is a thing called too much cheese. A food crime that one individual commented, “Too much of a good thing. For example, drowning a meal in a pound of cheese.” Besides cheese, I see people who drown their french fries in ketchup, not to my taste, but to each their own.

5. Condiments before Tasting

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I enjoy cooking, and I hope the people I cook for will appreciate the work I put into making it. That means trying it as is and not adding anything extra, like salt or pepper, before tasting it. One individual said a food crime is “putting a ton of condiments on top of a meal before tasting.” Be courteous, and at least try someone’s dish how it is to show you care!

6. Outrageous Tiktok Food Trends

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If you have seen the food section in TikTok, some creative and good ideas exist, but with the good, there’s at least double the bad. A food crime that one individual said, “a TikTok of someone blending dried spaghetti in a blender so it was a powder. Then made pasta by adding eggs to it and getting a gross gritty looking pasta dough”. One way to make cooking pasta both more complicated and gross.

7. Omelette with Chicken

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I may be weird, but I am not a fan of ham. So, when I eat omelets, I’ll add chicken, but a food crime that one individual said, “omelet with chicken in it.” I don’t know if I can wholeheartedly agree, but I can see the logic, egg with chicken. But what do you think about double chocolate chip cookies? Is this also a food crime?

8. Macaroni Salad

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I am not a pasta salad person, so I can’t judge what this individual said, but to them, a food crime is “macaroni salad, especially with apples.” I’ve never seen this done before; however, the texture of the apples could be displeasing after sitting in the mixture for a while. Soggy apples are gross!

9. Raisins in Cake and Bread

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I am biased, but I disagree entirely. You can hate raisins themselves, that’s fine, but calling it a crime when you add raisins to bread and cake, like what? One individual commented, “Raisins in cake and bread” is a food crime. Have they never had cinnamon swirl raisin bread? Just crazy.

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